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Henley scholarships: What we offer and how to apply

At Henley Denmark, we offer a  number of scholarships to help find the best talent around the globe and promote the diversity in class.  Below you can find a list of our current scholarship offers and how you can apply. 

HWC Scholarship

The Herluf Wolthers Christensen's (HWC) Foundation is a DKK 60,000 grant to Henley Executive MBA students in Denmark. Deadline to apply is 1 June  2022.  

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Dunning Scholarship

The Dunning Scholarship Denmark (DSD) is an up to DKK 30,000 grant to Henley Executive MBA students in Denmark. Deadline to apply: 27 August 2022

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Women in Leadership

The purpose of this scholarship is to create the best possible gender balance in the Henley Executive MBA program. Deadline to apply: 15 July 2022.

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Statens Kompetance Fond

Public employees can apply for up to  DKK 50,000  per stage, via "Statens Kompetance Fond."

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The Maritime MBA Scholarship

The Danish Maritime Fund awards MBA scholarships to Danish leaders in the maritime sector. The scholarship covers up to 50% of tuition fees, and a maximum of DKK 175,000.

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Henley Alumni

The IME Foundation has decided that scholarships must be primarily awarded as financial assistance to Henley Alumni. 

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