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An innovative, flexible and global Excecutive MBA in Copenhagen

Today’s globally connected business world calls for a wider perspective, new skills and different ways of thinking. The Henley Executive MBA (EMBA) 21-month programme is designed to develop outstanding business leaders to take on the challenges and opportunities of operating in today’s complex and fast-moving global economy. It develops leaders who are competent, responsible and adaptable.

MBA Programme Overview

The Henley Executive MBA (EMBA) is a part-time master’s degree programme providing a truly international experience, with a global focus to the syllabus and research, modules delivered across the Henley international campuses, enriching study trips and a multinational cohort drawn from a variety of sectors and industries.

The Henley EMBA consists of three key stages (90 ECTS) with an optional award structure on successful completion of each stage:

Stage 1: Fundamental Business Foundations (Certificate)

You will learn about the basic business aspects of managing an organisation, such as managing people, operations and finance. This stage is about developing a strong foundation across a range of business functions. 

Stage 2: Strategy & Context – Managing Stakeholders (Diploma)

In this stage, you will gain a greater knowledge of stakeholder management and the context around the business choices needed to form a robust strategy.

Stage 3: Taking Leadership to a Higher Level (Master’s degree)

You will examine the complexities of change in organisations and how to influence and lead a company through them.

Personal development as well as career, leadership and professional development flow through all stages of the Henley EMBA allowing an integrated process towards personal and professional growth.

During your studies, you will write 11 practical assignments applying the knowledge and skills developed from the programme. The assignments are based on current relevant issues, showcasing your capabilities and creating a valuable contribution to your organisation.

The Henley EMBA is arranged around 14 core study modules that deliver a comprehensive and wide-ranging framework for your studies. In addition, the programme includes a number of elective modules that allow you to specialise and a research-based project.



Next start - October 2020

The Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching is scheduled over 9 months with 7 days of workshops over 5 months, plus 4 months of coach mentoring, coaching practice, reflection and coaching supervision.

Workshops for the October 2020 intake (stage 1)

Workshop 1: 21.-22. September 2020
Workshop 2: 26. - 28. October 2020
Workshop 3: 3.-4. December 2020

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Programme format

Study is part-time, typically 9 months duration, with 7 days of in-person workshops scheduled over the first 3 months then 6 months of supported study. In-person workshops are held in our premises in Fiolstræde in the heart of Copenhagen.

The Henley MBA - Quick Facts

  • Duration: 21 or 27 months (with possibility for extension up to 7 years)
  • Workshops: 57 days
  • Workshop locations: Mostly in Denmark, selected workshops in Finland, Germany and the UK
  • Study visits: South Africa, and China or the US
  • Assignments: 11 practical assignments + final research project 
  • ECTS: 90
  • Language: English
  • Faculty: UK + International
  • Tutors: Subject area professors + Academic Tutor support
  • Fee: DKK 397,000 (VAT 0%), excluding flight costs in connection with study visits

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In the very top

Top business school in the Nordics for open programmes. In addition, Henley Business School and University of Reading are placed in numerous other ranking concerning the business school, university and many other degree programmes.


Triple Crown Accredited

The Henley Centre for Coaching holds triple accreditation in recognition of its consistently high standard of teaching. It has been recognised by the Association of Coaching (AC), the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Among the best

Among the top 20 business schools
in the world for executive education
programmes. With this position, Henley Business School remains the leading Executive Education provider located in Denmark.



Henley is one of the world’s leading business schools and has built an international reputation for the development of executives, teams and organisations. We understand that development programmes have the most impact when they present a blend of research, industry experience and sufficient opportunities for practice and reflection.

Developing coaches

We develop coaching skills by bringing to our programmes a wide range of evidence-based models, tools and techniques, together with the underlying psychological frameworks. This enables participants to broaden their knowledge, understanding and skills, and develop a psychological mind-set which creates wider possibilities for behavioural change. Our focus is pragmatic and experiential, rigorously underpinned by the behavioural sciences.

Our coaching tutors

Our tutors are highly experienced, senior-level practising executive coaches, with strong grounding in both psychology and executive education. Their work in coaching practice and research feeds back into the programmes at Henley. Our tutors have been published in respected journals, written bestselling coaching books and spoken at conferences around the world.

The Henley experience

For years, Henley has been recognised as a prime source for content and research in the area of personal and professional development. The Henley coaching programmes go far beyond simply acquiring skills and coaching techniques. They also emphasise the coaches own reflective behaviour and awareness, giving participants the ability to employ a wide range of reflective techniques. Our programmes are delivered worldwide, providing a global business context for our coaches through cross-cultural sharing.


Our aim is to create resilient coaches. By this, we mean individuals who can coach effectively and appropriately in a range of settings, and with a high level of self-awareness, confidence, understanding and competence. 

The Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching provides multiple benefits, to you and your organisation:

Benefits for you

  • Experiment with and practise different approaches and tools
  • Ongoing feedback to build your confidence and competence
  • Wide range of methodologies and psychological frameworks providing the skills needed for different coaching situations and requirements
  • External quality assurance statement of coaching training from a leading international business school
  • Ongoing supervision throughout the programme
  • Coach mentoring to support your skill development
  • Access to external senior coaches for practice
  • Membership to the Henley Centre for Coaching for the programme duration, with access to benefits, including up to 10 webinars a year, coaching journals, research and blogs, networking opportunities, online discussion forums, coaching contracts and other useful documents
  • Alumni status and benefits

Benefits for your organisation

  • Managers are equipped to coach in diverse management development situations
  • Can be tailored to any organisation’s own coaching culture, with its specific business drivers, values and strategies
  • Their confidence in their ability to manage will grow and they will be committed to continuous profes sional development
  • Higher organisational performance/productivity
  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge
  • Motivates people

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for the October 2020 intake is:

Stage 1: Dkk 129,000*
Stage 2: Dkk 139,000**
Stage 3: Dkk 129,000*** 

397,000 Dkk (VAT 0%), including workshop tuition, study materials and online services

*Tuition fee includes all study materials, travel and accommodation in connection with workshops. All study materials are developed / written by Henley's professors and that the materials are online content and e-books.

** On study trips (2 mandatory on stage 2, 1 optional on stage 3) Students will be required to organize and finance their own flights, visas, airport transfers, some meals and spending money. All other costs are covered by the tuition fee.

*** On stage 3, it is possible to choose a study trip as an elective. The participant holds all the costs for the journey and the stay. The price is 2200 GBP (Study visit fee, 2019 prices). To this must be added personal expenses for travel, accommodation, transport, visa and spending money.

**** Henley Denmark reserves the right to make price adjustments.

About accommodation and travelling

Accommodation is included in 

  • Scheduled workshops of the intake abroad
  • Scheduled Global Immersion Studies of the intake abroad, and
  • One face-to-face elective module (1 night)

Some travel costs are excluded.

The cost for the optional International Study Visit elective module is not included within the above fee.

Please note that one of the best ways to learn more about Henley’s Executive MBA programme is by joining our information meetings or a one-to-one session with a Henley MBA programme leader. 

How to apply

Entry requirements

To join the programme you need:

  • Three years of relevant experience in a managerial or senior specialist position
  • Bachelor or master’s degree, or equivalent professional or international qualification*
  • Evidence of competence in English, if English is not your native language

Application process

Start your application process by contacting us to receive further information about the Henley Executive MBA (EMBA) – programme and to discuss your career development plans.

Your application package must include:

  • A completed application form
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Certified copies of degree certificates
  • Two professional references
  • Evidence of competence in English**

A personal interview is a mandatory requirement for all applications.

The Henley EMBA programme starts twice a year, in March and October.

We are happy to assist you through the application process.

* We do welcome applications from candidates with exceptional management experience who may not meet all the formal criteria for admission (no degree). If you have a minimum of five years’ experience at a senior or strategic level, we would be happy to consider an application. Our Admission Panel reviews all non-standard applications for suitability.

** Candidates whose first language is not English will be required to meet one of the following conditions: Have successfully completed a degree taught in English language, take an English language test, provide a English proficiency at work form, undergo a face-to-face interview in English with an authorised staff from Henley Business School Finland.

Download your application package here

Flexible payment options

  • Full programme fee
  • Stage fee
  • Stage fee in two instalments

Company funding

We work with you to help you identify how the Henley EMBA can deliver benefits to your employer right from the start of your studies. We can also help you prepare a detailed business case with which you can approach your employer to request their support, both in terms of finance and time.



The Henley nine-month coaching programme was a good combination of practise and theory. It was a very eclectic approach, drawing on various theories and frameworks, so that later you could focus on the ones that resonated most with you. We also had lots of hands-on training, which is very important for an effective coaching programme.

Looking back on my learning journey, I feel my self-awareness increased tremendously. I was clear about where my coaching style fits. Henley provided a good basis for me to start my professional coaching business, as I learned to know who I am as a coach and what my competitive advantage is. It opened the opportunity for me to work both as a coach for Henley and to start my own business as a professional coach called Thinking Time.

I highly recommend the programme for managers and consultants who want to do more powerful work with people. The programme suits also as an entry to the coaching profession, be it as an internal or external coach. No one has the same style – everyone is different, and this is an ideal chance to find your own way to coach.


Pirjo Puhakka
Academic Tutor and Executive Coach, Henley Business School 
Founder and Coach, Thinking Time

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